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Type: Module Messages 100%


Type: Module TiTokenField com.dezinezync.tokenfield 51%

TiTokenField is based on JSTokenField which enables you to create a NSTokenField like View viz.,

Type: Widget Ti.Notifications com.caffeinalab.titanium.notifications 50%

Useful Titanium+Alloy widget to handle notifications messages when app is in foreground.

Type: Widget nl.harriepieters.toast nl.harriepieters.toast 48%

Toast messages for iOS

Type: Module smsdialog com.omorandi 44%

The SMSDialog Module extends the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework implementing an iPhone dialog window that enables you to send in application text messages on behalf of the app user, exposing an API very similar to the one of the Ti.UI.EmailDialog object. Both recipients and body fields can be pre-populated from your application.

Type: Module TiMessagesTableViewController com.arihiro.messagestable 40%

This is a wrapper module for MessagesTableViewController

Type: Module Push com.streethawk.shpush 38%

StreetHawk's Push Module lets you send push messages to your application. Depending on your application's current state, if your application in foreground, the push notification overlays on the current screen as a notification dialog with user to take action and for application in background, the SDK generates a notification in notification bar. Push modules also support custom dialog.

Type: Widget com.socialflea.refresh com.socialflea.refresh 9%

Pull to refresh

Type: Module ti.vkontakte ti.vkontakte 6%

VKontakte API