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Type: Widget Generate modal windows com.appcelerator.davidecassenti.modalwindow 114%

Cross-platform modal windows for mobile

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.jpcolomer.modalcountdown com.appcelerator.jpcolomer.modalcountdown 82%

Modal Timer Widget for Titanium Appcelerator Alloy

Type: Widget com.caffeinalab.titanium.modalwindow com.caffeinalab.titanium.modalwindow 68%

ModalWindow in a simple way, for Alloy

Type: Widget Dialog with custom content and buttons com.mazel.customDialog 60%

Opens a modal dialog and displays custom content. For Android an AlertDialog is used while for iOS a modal window is opened.

Type: Widget Custom ActivityIndicator Widget com.mazel.activityIndicator 46%

Displays a modal activity indicator

Type: Widget wriststrap.webview wriststrap.webview 39%

A simple modal window that contains a webview and a semi-transparent close button.

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.browser com.appcelerator.browser 37%

Lightweight modal browser for use in any Appcelerator application