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Type: Module ultimate notifications com.jeremyfox.ultimatenotifications 100%

With this module, you will be integrating the best in mobile (iOS) notifications there is. Who likes alert boxes poping up in front of what you are trying to do? No one! Ultimate iOS Notifications unobtrusively animates all notifications in from the bottom of the screen and do not get in the way of what your users are trying to accomplish. The best part of all, it is extrememly easy to setup and use. With a one line command, you can have The Ultimate iOS Notifications in your app.

Type: Widget Ti.Notifications com.caffeinalab.titanium.notifications 92%

Useful Titanium+Alloy widget to handle notifications messages when app is in foreground.

Type: Widget com.view.notifications com.view.notifications 72%

Type: Widget ti.notifications ti.notifications 72%

Type: Module ts.parsepushnotifications ts.parsepushnotifications 70%

Handle push notifications with Parse on both iOS and Android

Type: Module pushnotifications com.itexico.pushnotifications 40%

Itexico's Push Notification Module (Android 8+)

Type: Module pushnotifications com.arellomobie.push 40%

Pushwoosh Module

Type: Module pushnotifications com.arellomobile.push 40%

Pushwoosh Module

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Widget nl.fokkezb.toast 32%

Another Alloy widget for cross-platform Android toast-like notifications.

Type: Module com.alcoapps.acspushmod com.alcoapps.acspushmod 31%

ACS Push Notifications Module