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Type: Module Photo Editor Adobe com.dcode.photoeditor.adobe 89%

Photo Editor Adobe

Type: Widget AlloyPhotoFrameWidget AlloyPhotoFrameWidget 88%

Photo frame widget for titanium alloy

Type: Widget dhennrich.photoPerfil dhennrich.photoPerfil 69%

Type: Widget de.manumaticx.photogrid de.manumaticx.photogrid 64%

grid-layout to display photos

Type: Widget com.juanagu.takepicture com.juanagu.takepicture 58%

Appcelerator widget, take photo or select to gallery, generate a thumbnail and original image, work for iOS and Android

Type: Module phmod com.phmod 49%

Safeguard Photo Module

Type: Module urbanimagelibrary qs.urbanimage.library 48%

A module that provides access to the user's photo library.

Type: Widget ts.photographer ts.photographer 40%

Take pictures and manage them in a Titanium app.

Type: Module TiCustomPhotoAlbum ti.customphotoalbum 40%

Type: Module photoList com.oxgcp.photoList 40%