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Type: Widget DAL DAL 40%

Type: Widget GUI GUI 40%

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.label com.imobicloud.label 40%

Formatted Label

Type: Widget pullToRefreshAnimation pullToRefreshAnimation 40%

Titanium Alloy widget pull-to-refresh based on sample Alloy application

Type: Widget header header 40%

Type: Widget My Widget my_widget 40%

Titanium Alloy + Widget + Jade

Type: Widget rebel.SearchBar rebel.SearchBar 40%

Alloy Widget wrapping the SearchBar

Type: Widget i18n Override Widget net.schueller.i18noverride 40%

This widget provides a method to override internationalization (i18n) strings allowing customer custom strings. Useful for white label apps.

Type: Widget com.ksouthworth.spinnerinput com.ksouthworth.spinnerinput 40%

A spinner / stepper input control for Titanium Alloy

Type: Widget me.perkd.label me.perkd.label 40%

Provides a replacement for <Label /> to support text shadows on Android & BlackBerry.