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Type: Widget com.alcoapps.musicplayer com.alcoapps.musicplayer 40%

This repository contains all the source code for the book Build Native Cross-Platform Apps with Appcelerator. For more information about the book, visit

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.acslogin com.appcelerator.acslogin 40%

A very flexible grid layout for iOS and Android. It works on handsets and tablets in any orientation.

Type: Widget ti-stl-viewer ti-stl-viewer 40%

Render and interact with 3D STL models in your Titanium Alloy apps

Type: Widget ts.blurryview ts.blurryview 40%

Small wrapper to quickly display an avatar on a blurry background

Type: Widget ts.photographer ts.photographer 40%

Take pictures and manage them in a Titanium app.

Type: Widget com.tripvi.popup com.tripvi.popup 40%

A slide menu for navigation.

Type: Widget com.tripvi.toolbar com.tripvi.toolbar 40%

A custom tab group.

Type: Widget appMetaFromACS appMetaFromACS 40%

Licky iPhone App (titanium mobile)

Type: Widget navigationBar navigationBar 40%

ExCL is a platform that enables museums to engage visitors at museum activities through the use of a mobile application.

Type: Widget ts.prettymenu ts.prettymenu 40%

Fancy menu for your app with FontAwesome