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Type: Widget Logger Display Widget com.sivci.logger 40%

This displays a listView of logs from app/lib/util/logger.js

Type: Widget sh.checkbox sh.checkbox 40%

A checkbox with a user-defined label

Type: Widget Alloy Color Picker Widget nl.fokkezb.color 40%

Color Picker that can have any size.

Type: Widget ts.messageBuilderFactory ts.messageBuilderFactory 40%

Generate delegates that build message views for widget

Type: Widget com.criteriastudio.hlabel com.criteriastudio.hlabel 40%

A titanium alloy widget that consists in a label that highlights the occurrences searched inside its text. It uses the new AttributedString API for iOS introduced in Titanium 3.2

Type: Widget 40%

Type: Widget f.MenuButton f.MenuButton 40%

Type: Widget f.Stream f.Stream 40%

Type: Widget com.b-alidra.transmission com.b-alidra.transmission 40%


Type: Widget com.imobicloud.slider com.imobicloud.slider 40%