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Type: Module ti-validator validator 40%

Titaniumified A library of string validators and sanitizers

Type: Module TiRater TiRater 40%

Titaniumified Rating module for titanium platform, the module work both Android and iOS

Type: Module Ti.360°View de.appwerft.view360 40%

Titaniumified 360° View for product images (taken from round table)

Type: Module Ttitanium Masked Image com.falkolab.maskedimage 40%

Titaniumified Cross platform implementation MaskedImage for Titanium SDK

Type: Module ti-simple-xmpp ti-simple-xmpp 40%

Titaniumified Simple High Level Titanium XMPP Client

Type: Module turfjs org.turf 40%

a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

Type: Module mocx mocx 40%

Titaniumified A JavaScript Backbone helper for Titanium Alloy

Type: Module ts.cryptojs256 ts.cryptojs256 40%


Type: Module 40% client

Type: Module ti-better-option-dialog com.magana.betteroptiondialog 40%

Titaniumified The Titanium option dialog but with easier option creation.