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Type: Widget me.wslong.tiTabs me.wslong.tiTabs 40%

Was me.wslong.tiTabGroupCrossPlatform, an iOS-like Cross-Platform Tab Group for Titanium

Type: Module ti.calendar.refresh ti.calendar.refresh 40%


Type: Widget com.caprede.loadingIndicator com.caprede.loadingIndicator 40%

This widget is designed to show the activity indicator on screen while hitting get api.

Type: Module titanium-pyze ti.pyze 40%


Type: Widget actionbar actionbar 40%

titanium development for question pool app

Type: Widget okbutton okbutton 40%

Widget collection for mobile apps using Appcelerator's Alloy MVC.

Type: Widget org.rvvn.buttongrid org.rvvn.buttongrid 40%

Type: Widget page page 40%

Type: Widget pp.sliderMenu pp.sliderMenu 40%

Facebook app-like sliding menu

Type: Widget ppMenuSlider ppMenuSlider 40%

Property Pond Mobile Navigation Slide using the Slider.js and Alloy Framework