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An Alloy widget for segmented control /Tab Bars component in Appcelerator Titanium.

Type: Widget com.skypanther.segmentedcontrol com.skypanther.segmentedcontrol 85%

Cross-platform tabbed bar (segmented control) component for Appcelerator Titanium Alloy projects.

Type: Module com.bduyng.segmentedcontrols com.bduyng.segmentedcontrols 77%

The Bduyng Segmented Controls Bar module extends the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework(UIScrollableView) to make segmented controls bar like Instagram application.

Type: Widget scrolling_tabs scrolling_tabs 62%

An Alloy widget for segmented control /Tab Bars component in Appcelerator Titanium.

Type: Module TiSDSegmentedControl de.marcelpociot.sdsegmentedcontrol 40%

A drop-in remplacement for UISegmentedControl that mimic iOS 6 AppStore tab controls.

Type: Module advsegmentedcontrol com.emityme.advsegmcontrol 40%

Titanium Projects, Modules, and Samples for Zeus Framework

Type: Module MediaControls de.codewave.ti.mediacontrols 24%

Simple module for creating an invisible view which receives remote control events. This is useful for background audio playback. Please note that this module does not enable your application to play audio in the background. It just enables your application to receive the remote control events. Also allows you to set the "now playing" information on the lock screen.

Type: Module TiAirPlay com.karaoak.airplay 21%

Custom iOS In-App AirPlay control

Type: Widget ti.ux.pagingcontrol ti.ux.pagingcontrol 20%

a customizable paging control for scrollable views

Type: Module calendarmodule com.paperwasp.calendar 20%

A native calendar control to be used inside Titanium projects