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Type: Widget com.jasonkneen.slidemenu com.jasonkneen.slidemenu 97%

Slide out menu for iOS / Android

Type: Widget Slide Menu com.imagitechdj.slideMenu 94%

Slide Menu widget

Type: Widget com.mcongrove.slideMenu com.mcongrove.slideMenu 86%

A slide menu for navigation.

Type: Widget com.ideesculture.newportSlideMenu com.ideesculture.newportSlideMenu 86%

A slide menu for navigation.

Type: Widget com.moghazy.slideTabs com.moghazy.slideTabs 85%

Slide tabs

Type: Widget SlideMenu SlideMenu 85%

Basic skeleton for Titanium Slide Menu based App

Type: Widget ppMenuSlider ppMenuSlider 84%

Property Pond Mobile Navigation Slide using the Slider.js and Alloy Framework

Type: Widget edu.uwm.slideMenu edu.uwm.slideMenu 80%

A slide menu that slides on top instead of pushing content over.

Type: Widget slide-menu slide-menu 79%

Off canvas menu

Type: Widget slideFilters slideFilters 76%

appcelerator widget - slideFilters is easily configurable filters with multi and sinlge select options