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Type: Module TiSideMenu de.marcelpociot.sidemenu 59%

iOS 7 / 8 style side menu with parallax effect. (Wrapper module for RESideMenu)

Type: Module TiWormhole ti.wormhole 59%

Ti.Wormhole enabling Titanium style events for Extensions and the Apple Watch

Type: Widget ScrollableView Widget au.jkotchoff.scrollableView 56%

An Alloy Scrollable View that shows an iOS style paging control for android

Type: Widget Drawer Menu com.alcoapps.drawermenu 55%

Implements a slide-in, Facebook-style menu.

Type: Widget com.mcvendrell.switch com.mcvendrell.switch 55%

An styled switch for Android with the holo style.

Type: Module ilmenite ilmenite 55%

Titaniumified Titanium style loader with built in conditional statements for platform, form factor, width, height and more

Type: Widget Drawer Menu md.engage.drawermenu 55%

Implements a slide-in, Facebook-style menu.

Type: Module customresourceintegration 55%

This module sample provides the description on how you can add your custom style resources in your project through module.

Type: Widget Ti.TiltImageView com.caffeinalab.titanium.tiltimageview 52%

FacebookPaper-style tilt-fullscreen Image viewer widget for Titanium Alloy.

Type: Widget com.madrocket.ti.slidemenu com.madrocket.ti.slidemenu 51%

Facebook style menu drawer