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Type: Module ti-window-stack ti-window-stack 40%

Titaniumified Manage iPhone and Android windows in same code base

Type: Module ti-soap soap 40%

Titaniumified A (superagent-based) simple SOAP client for Titanium SDK

Type: Module ti-loki ti-loki 40%

Titaniumified LokiJS in-memory database persistence on Titanium

Type: Module Ti.MarkerManager de.appwerft.markermanager 40%

Titaniumified This module allows to display more then 1000 annotations on a map. Depending on region changes the rendering.

Type: Module TiJSPDF TiJSPDF 40%

Titaniumified This extended version of JSPDF can embed images, tables and qrcodes.

Type: Module Ti.JSPDF ti.jspdf 40%

Titaniumified This extended version of JSPDF can show text in WinANSI, embed images, auto tables and qrcodes.

Type: Module kueue kueue 40%

Titaniumified A JavaScript queue manager for background tasks

Type: Module Power Templates power-templates 40%

Titaniumified Go Go Power Templates!

Type: Module com.sensimity.ti.client com.sensimity.ti.client 40%

Titaniumified Client communication with the Sensimity platform

Type: Module com.sensimity.ti.parse com.sensimity.ti.parse 40%

Titaniumified Push notifications via Parse