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Type: Module ti-simple-xmpp ti-simple-xmpp 40%

Titaniumified Simple High Level Titanium XMPP Client

Type: Module 40%

Titaniumified A small library to get the URL of the desired YouTube video ID to use it natively in Ti.Media.VideoPlayer.

Type: Module mocx mocx 40%

Titaniumified A JavaScript Backbone helper for Titanium Alloy

Type: Module ti-better-option-dialog com.magana.betteroptiondialog 40%

Titaniumified The Titanium option dialog but with easier option creation.

Type: Module TiRater TiRater 40%

Titaniumified Rating module for titanium platform, the module work both Android and iOS

Type: Module falkolab-version com.falkolab.version 40%

Titaniumified Android version helper commonjs module for Titanium SDK

Type: Module Ti.RateMe com.falkolab.rateme 40%

Titaniumified Feedback reminder for your application

Type: Module Ti.QRCode de.appwerft.qrcode 40%

Titaniumified Generates QRCode matrix. Output of this module can be use for QR code rendering. i.e. inside jspdf

Type: Module Ti.LatLon de.appwerft.latlon 40%

Titaniumified Latitude/longitude spherical geodesy formulae & scripts

Type: Module Ti.Parse Ti.Parse 40%

Titaniumified Titanium CommonJS Module for interacting with baas