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Type: Module ti-xregexp ti-xregexp 40%

Titaniumified XRegExp for Titanium

Type: Module ti-ent ti-ent 40%

Titaniumified Titanium commonjs module wrapper for node-ent

Type: Module ilmenite ilmenite 40%

Titaniumified Titanium style loader with built in conditional statements for platform, form factor, width, height and more

Type: Module Ti.sqliteMirror de.appwerft.sqlitemirror 40%

Titaniumified Module for mirroring a remote sqlite to an app

Type: Module diacritics diacritics 40%

Titaniumified Remove diacritics from strings.

Type: Module scope scope 40%

Titaniumified Titanium two way data binding

Type: Module assessment assessment 40%


Type: Module tiwoopra com.stepupapps.tiwoopra 40%

Titaniumified Woopra Analytics for Titanium

Type: Module soupselect soupselect 40%

Titaniumified Adds CSS selector support to htmlparser for scraping activities - port of soupselect (python)

Type: Module htmlparser htmlparser 40%

Titaniumified Forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in JS for *both* Node and Browsers