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Type: Module utility salem.khan.utility 100%


Type: Module tiinstagramutil jp.msmc.tiinstagramutil 58%

Instagram Utility module

Type: Module Zip 58%

Titanium mobile zip file utility

Type: Module s3uploader 57%

Amazon S3 File Upload Utility

Type: Module zipper me.richboy.module.zipper 55%

A utility tool for zipping and unzipping files for Android in Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module titanium_google_auth_util com.sitata.googleauthutil 53%

A simple utility to perform single sign on in a Titanium Alloy app using Google's Account Manager on android.

Type: Module Card a.card 49%

Card module is a test utility.

Type: Module imageutility com.alcoapps.imageutility 40%

Android 64-bit support This is a native Android module written by Justin Toth that fixes TIMOB-3887. All credit goes to Justin; I only built the module.