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Type: Module vrview de.appwerft.vrview 40%


Type: Module TiCollectionView de.marcelpociot.collectionview 40%


Type: Module imageview_ex com.obscure.imageview_ex 40%

Extensions to Ti.UI.ImageView

Type: Module ti-webview-plus 40%

Type: Module katana.tableview katana.tableview 40%

Type: Module katana.webview katana.webview 40%

A port of SVProgressHUD packaged as a module for Titanium Mobile projects.

Type: Module ti.scratchview com.miga.scratchview 40%


Type: Module TiGaussianFilterView net.uchidak.tigfview 40%

Alarm clock for @rrreeeyyy

Type: Module TiCustomWebView ti.customwebview 40%

customize Ti.UI.WebView to fire scroll/swipe/click event (fork Ti.StyledLabel)

Type: Widget gameInfoView gameInfoView 40%

Titanium Alloy app with Parse JS SDK integration