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Type: Module tokentextview de.marcelpociot.tokencompletetextview 40%

TokenCompleteTextView ![Titanium]( About This module is a Android Gmail style token auto-complete text field. It allows you to use custom Views for the generated tokens and list results. It wraps the native TokenAutoComplete module. ![Focused TokenAutoCompleteTextView example](

Type: Module webviewfragment de.marcelpociot.webviewfragment 40%

Simple helper class that is a workaround for Webviews Crashing / rendering blank on Android 4.4 in Titanium

Type: Module IosFlipview org.bcbhh.iosflipview 40%


Type: Module iosFlipview de.appwerft.iosflipview 40%


Type: Widget ti-stl-viewer ti-stl-viewer 40%

Render and interact with 3D STL models in your Titanium Alloy apps

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.tweetsView nl.fokkezb.tweetsView 40%

Widget to implement a table pull-to-refresh header in Titanium Alloy

Type: Module TiExtendView be.k0suke.tiextendview 40%

Extend views

Type: Widget com.parallaxcontainer.blitz com.parallaxcontainer.blitz 40%

Offers parallax to whatever is in view

Type: Widget ts.blurryview ts.blurryview 40%

Small wrapper to quickly display an avatar on a blurry background

Type: Module TiSBTickerView be.k0suke.tisbtickerview 40%

Wrapping SBTickerView, on Titanium app.